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Aromatherapy for your senses. We have developed a line of products to help you enjoy those most intensely intimate moments with your partner. They are guaranteed to arouse your most sensual and erotic side.

These will help you enhance your seductive charms. And the heady aromas released by these products are unique perfumes that will irresistibly attract your partner.

Ideal fast-absorbing massage oils that will avoid any sensation of oiliness and prevent clothing from becoming stained.

This pack is ideal for couples seeking to heighten their enjoyment of each other, or simply for hydrating your skin and lending it a unique, exclusive and alluring scent.

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All aromatherapy products are made up from a vegetable base of first cold-pressed oils, specifically chosen for their properties and low molecular weight. This ensures deeper skin penetration and avoids the greasy feeling of other oils, leaving the skin smooth, silky and without a trace of oiliness

 In combination with a synergy of chemotype essential oils, handpicked for their properties. The blend of these essential oils produces a natural, delicate and altogether exclusive perfume. Aromatherapy for your senses.

 We have developed two aphrodisiac oils, one Yin and the other Yang. In other words, one whose aroma will attract the female side and the other whose aroma will attract the male side. They can be used interchangeably. Just simply allow yourself to be wafted away by their scent.

This pack contains:

RED TARA FOR HER, Goddess of Female Attraction

 Female body oil with a subtle and seductive aroma, and aphrodisiac and stimulant properties.

The blend of a sesame and jasmine base oil, always useful for boosting femininity, encourages and heightens a woman’s appetite for reassuring, loving and sensual intimacy.

The combination of 100% natural active ingredients, associated since ancient times with female beauty and sensuality, makes Red Tara for Her a sublime preparation that is not only exquisite to the touch, but has an aroma that boosts sexual arousal and lovemaking. Its delicate perfume works to enhance your powers of attraction and seduction, generating an internal energy of sexual activation.

Jasmine is used in the treatment of skin beauty and rejuvenation. It helps regulate the female menstrual cycle, improves moods by calming stress, acts as a female equilibrant and aphrodisiac, is energising, and boosts the secretion of hormones that enhance sexual behaviour and appetite.

RED TARA FOR HIM, Goddess of Attraction

Exquisitely scented body oil with aphrodisiac and stimulant properties. It boosts sexual desire and potency in lovemaking, thanks to its blend of essential oils with their stimulating and invigorating properties.

To make up this oil, we drew our inspiration from Red Tara, Goddess of Attraction, associated with the magnetism of all things that are good.

The combination of an exceptional vegetable base of jojoba and mysterious essential oils make this preparation a unique and exotic blend. So be bold and give it a try!

The balanced and powerful blend of essential oils used in Red Tara stimulates optimism and the initiative to act, reinforcing your self-confidence by injecting energy and the thrill of being alive. Its suggestive, exotic aroma will intoxicate you, making you feel vigorous, boosting your powers of attraction and lovemaking.

Prominent among the essential oils in the formula is Ginseng, used for its stimulating and energising properties, on a first cold-pressed vegetable jojoba base oil which gives it a delicate, silky texture.

How to use

Apply a few drops to the neck and wrists, or as a stimulating massage oil for those precious intimate moments with your partner.
Shake before use
Precautions: Do not use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.