Get to know us

Get to know us

Meet our founders

We want to bring you the ancestral knowledge of medicinal plants in the 21st century. Applying current knowledge of biotechnology and respecting the essence of each individual ingredient.

Our commitment is to prepare and produce 100% natural, top-quality, highly effective products. While remaining an ethical and sustainable company.

Our commitment

To prepare 100% natural, top-quality, highly effective cosmetic products that provide a wholly unique, wholly personalised experience.

Natural aroma

Drawn from a balanced combination of essential oils handpicked for their purity, method of extraction and chemotype. The aromatic notes were sought to stimulate different sensations.

Sustainable packaging

We have chosen a type of packaging that will guarantee the quality of the product during its working life and is also environment-friendly.
The aromatherapy bottles are made of violet coloured glass. This prevents oxidation and ensures that the plant’s energy is kept alive. Both day and night creams are bottled in airtight jars.

Absorption and sensations

All our products boast a high degree of absorption, due to the low molecular weight of the ingredients. This makes applying the product quicker and simpler, and leaves a less oily sensation.

Living water

The water we use in our cosmetic formulations has been activated to restore to it the structure that it has in nature. It thus becomes a simple carrier of an active ingredient, thereby promoting epithelial restructuring.

Unique products, biotechnological cosmetics

Why our FORMULATIONS? Because we choose the very best active ingredients and blend them to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness with each application.

100% natural

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS that are 100% natural. We decided to rely on biotechnology because the use of more biologically active molecules serves to enhance ingredients’ functions.

The birth of Izba Nature

Our beginnings

We created IZBA in light of the problems currently caused by allergies and sensitivity to certain synthetic components, and the fact that a great proportion of natural cosmetics do not perform as effectively as desired. As Laura is a specialist in natural cosmetics, we decided to create 100% natural technological products and so reap all the benefits and properties to be had from plants and modern technology.


Bringing all the benefits and properties of the plants and the current technology.

The idea arose from the profound conviction that we wanted to share what we’ve learnt over the course of our professional careers and from our own personal growth. Apart from being a combination of our surnames, the word “IZBA” means house (home) in Russian and Arabic, the home of nature.

We, Laura and Mónica, are IZBA. Years of working in multinational companies have given us an overall picture of the corporate business world.

Laura: I graduated in Chemistry and am a specialist in natural cosmetics. I also hold a Master’s Degree in oriental physio-aesthetics. I worked for over 15 years in Research, Development and Innovation and industrial development. I founded and subsequently managed a professional natural aesthetic physiotherapy centre for 10 years, developing my own methods of treatment.

Mónica: I worked for over 20 years in multinationals, in marketing and sales, based essentially in Eastern Europe, Near East, Middle East, India and Pakistan. Some ten years ago, I founded a company specialised in marketing natural products for animal nutrition. Over the years, I’ve lived in a number of different countries, including the United Kingdom, Singapore and India.

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