Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Izba Nature, S.L. (hereinafter referred to as “the Owner”) a company holding Spanish Tax Identification (Número de Identificación FiscalN.I.F.) no. B87475463, having its registered address at Avda de Asturias 17, 28240, Hoyo de Manzanares,, Madrid, and registered at the Madrid Mercantile Registry in Volume: 34557, Folio: 187, Section: 8, Page: 621648, Entry: 1, is the owner of the website accessible via URL: (hereinafter referred to as “Izba Nature”).

Should you have any query, doubt or suggestion regarding Izba Nature, you can contact us at the following e-mail address:

Shown below are the General Terms and Conditions governing access to the Owner’s website, in respect of the services and functionalities offered therein, without prejudice to application of any other Terms and Conditions or any amendments thereto. Users are advised to read and check said Terms and Conditions at regular intervals, since amendments may have been made to the legal texts.

General Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. Identification of the parties

These General Terms and Conditions of Use are entered into by the Owner OF THE FIRST PART and by you, the User, OF THE SECOND PART, a natural or legal person who visits the Website willingly, freely and free of charge. These Terms and Conditions shall apply regardless of whether or not you purchase any of our products offered on the platform.

  1. Purpose of the Website

The purpose of this Website is to make the sale of cosmetic and aromatherapy products available to Users, and inform said Users about the products and functionalities promoted by the Owner. Website access and browsing are free of charge, though the purchase of products entails the payment of a price along with acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

  1. User’s Obligations

By virtue of merely accessing and browsing the Website, you, in your capacity as a User, are bound:

  1. to use the Website diligently, correctly and lawfully, in all cases showing due respect for the law, morality, good conduct and public policy;
  2. at regular intervals to check these or any other such Terms and Conditions as may be applicable, ascertaining whether any amendments may have been made thereto;
  3. to check any communications that Izba Nature may send you, since these may contain important information;
  4. to refrain from using the Website for commercial purposes and, in particular, from gathering information or content matter for the purpose of providing services which clearly constitute competition to Izba Nature;
  5. to refrain from altering or endeavouring to alter in any way whatsoever, or carrying out actions or employing means intended to simulate the appearance or functions of the Website;
  6. to refrain from damaging, disabling, overloading or hindering the service (or network or networks connected thereto), or interfering with the use and enjoyment thereof;
  7. to refrain from undertaking actions of any type whatsoever which may entail the introduction of computer software viruses, worms, trojans or any other type of malware intended to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionalities of the Website;
  8. to refrain from using reverse engineering techniques and/or deciphering, decompiling, disassembling or using any other system intended to ascertain the source code; and,
  9. in all cases, to refrain from engaging in any type of action that may infringe or violate the rights or interests of the Owner or third parties, including, by way of example, intellectual or industrial property rights (patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, and the like).
  1. Availability of the Website

The Owner seeks to improve and expand both Izba Nature and the content matter and services offered therein. Notwithstanding this, the Website shall be shown as things stand at any given point in time, in line with availability, limitations and other prevailing circumstances.

  1. Specific Terms and Conditions of Registration

These Specific Terms and Conditions of Registration are entered into by Izba Nature OF THE FIRST PART and any such User OF THE SECOND PART who has completed the form to create an account and the steps indicated on the Website for carrying out registration, along with acceptance of said Specific Terms and Conditions.

5.1. Requirements and procedures for creating an account

To create a Website account, the User must be a natural person of full legal age as required by Spanish law.

If the Registered User is unable to remember his/her password, he/she must click “Have you forgotten your password” (Olvidaste la contraseña?) and enter the e-mail address used for registration purposes, for the purposes of resetting it.


Registration in Izba Nature allows you to purchase any of the products offered in the catalogue and keep a record of any orders made. As a Registered User you will also be entitled to store your order and billing address information for future purchases.

5.3. Registered User’s Obligations

As a Registered User, you have the following obligations and must:

  1. neither register on the Website with more than one user account, nor register using false data or impersonating any third party. You are responsible for furnishing your real data;
  2. neither use nor attempt to make use of the account of any other user, without permission or consent;
  3. be solely and exclusively responsible for all activities undertaken from your personal account with Izba Nature;
  4. ensure the confidentiality of your access data, as you will be liable for any harm or damage suffered by a third party or parties for breach of these Terms and Conditions. You are likewise liable for whatever takes place in your personal account except where the security thereof has been compromised by causes beyond your control. Specifically, you are required to:
  • keep the account updated;
  • store the chosen password in a confidential manner;
  • be the sole User who uses the account created; and,
  • neither trade, sell nor transfer the account to a third party.
5.4. Modification and cancellation of Registered User Accounts

At any given time, a Registered User may alter and change the data, dispatch or billing addresses of his/her personal account or cancel the account via the user page.

6 . Exclusion of liability

Izba Nature seeks to ensure that its Website services and functionalities are available at all times. Nonetheless, when you access the site, it will be shown to you in line with the availability and limitations prevailing at that point in time.

Despite ongoing efforts made by the Owner to protect and safeguard the systems and content matter included in the Website, for the purpose of which the usual Internet security standards have been implemented, no full guarantee can be given in respect of any intrusion or loss of information which may occur. Similarly, no guarantee can be given of the absence of viruses or other harmful elements in the Website or in third party websites, which may give rise to alterations in the User’s computer system, affecting software and hardware alike. Hence, the User accepts and understands that there may be situations which lie beyond the control of Izba Nature.

The Website may include hyperlinks to third-party pages or sites unconnected with the Owner, and in respect of which the Owner accepts no manner of liability whatsoever, inasmuch as it plays no part in either approving or reviewing the functions or content thereof. Any User who accesses a hyperlink published on the Website does so of his/her own volition and at his/her own risk, without the Owner accepting any liability in respect thereof.

In like manner, the Website is exempt from all and any responsibility deriving from the misuse of same by Users or the breach of any obligations or commitments undertaken pursuant to the Terms and Conditions hereof or any such other Terms and Conditions as may applicable hereto

  1. Intellectual and industrial property rights

All intellectual and industrial property rights in the Website and the content thereof, including, inter alia, programming, design, applications, figures and graphs, codes, text or images, trademarks, trade names, logotypes, motifs and devices and other elements present therein, including the brand “Izba Nature”, are the Owner’s exclusive property or the Owner has the necessary rights and/or licences for the exploitation thereof.

Accordingly, any reproduction, distribution, public communication (including making available), transformation or any other form of exploitation thereof, even where the sources are cited, is prohibited, save with the prior, express, written consent of the Owner or exclusive holder of the rights in question.

Should you detect any infringement, kindly e-mail us at the address indicated above.

  1. Compensation

8.1. The Owner may penalise any User who commits a breach of the Terms and Conditions applicable to him/her, by barring said User from access to the Website temporarily or indefinitely. The duration of the penalty will depend on the type of infringement or breach committed. Restriction of access shall in no case entail any right to compensation.

8.2. Any type of damage, harm, loss or cost to Izba Nature (including solicitors’ and/or barristers’ fees) stemming from a breach by the User of these or any other such Terms and Conditions as may be applicable, shall be redressed by the User who caused it. This extends to any third-party claim deriving from said breach or breaches.

  1. Amendments

These Terms and Conditions may be amended and/or updated at any time without need for prior notice thereof. The amendments made will enter into force from their date of publication on the Website, whatever the means and form used therefor.

Amendments will only affect those Users who have accepted them after said amendments have come into force.

  1. Other matters

10.1. Safeguard and interpretation

Should the competent authority declare any of the provisions hereof to be illegal, invalid or non-enforceable, it shall be presumed that said provision is to be construed in a manner that most closely approximates the original thrust and intention thereof. At all events, any such declaration in respect of any clause or clauses hereof shall in no way prejudice the validity of the remaining clauses.

Any omission by the Owner to require strict compliance with any term hereof, shall in no case constitute or be construed as constituting a waiver by said Owner to demand same at some point in the future.

10.2. Language

The language applicable to these Terms and Conditions is Spanish. If versions in any other language, such as English, are furnished, it shall only be for reasons of mere courtesy to and greater convenience of the User. In the event of any contradiction, the Spanish version shall in all cases prevail.

10.3. Law and courts

Relations between the Owner and the User shall be governed by Spanish law, and any disagreement or dispute about these Terms and Conditions will depend on whether the User enjoys the status of consumer and/or User pursuant to the statutory provisions applicable thereto.

In the case of consumers and/or Users, disputes shall be submitted to the Courts of First Instance and High Courts of the User’s domicile. In the event that he/she should not possess said status, disputes shall be settled by the Courts of First Instance and High Courts of Collado Villalba.