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This body oil is obtained through maceration, by the light of the sun and moon, of the flowers of St. John’s wort in first cold-pressed, biological extra virgin olive oil.

The inspiration for naming this preparation after Nabila, Goddess of Wellbeing came from the analgesic, scar-healing, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiherpetic and anti-inflammatory properties that have led to it being recommended for burns, cuts and sores, knocks and blows, wounds, insect bites and stings, and other skin problems and disorders.

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An effective body oil for local relief of pain. Helps eliminate the toxins involved in rheumatic complaints. Its use is recommended for muscle and joint pains, stiff neck, lumbago and neuropathic pain.

In creating this oil, we were inspired by White Tara, Goddess of Healing. The blend of different essential oils and extracts of plants with a tried and tested anti-rheumatic action, on a base of first cold-pressed sesame oil, activates energy in the area, helping blood circulation and soothing away pain.