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45,00  Iva incluído

A body oil preparation that lifts, plumps and firms the breasts. It prevents and treats lack of tension due to weight loss, pregnancy, excessive sun exposure, lack of exercise, and the effects wrought by the passage of time.

It was Andere, Mother Goddess, who served as our inspiration when it came to making up this preparation. The blend of rosehip base oil, one of nature’s finest active skin-firming and -regenerating ingredients, and extracts of hops, sage (salvia) and Witch-hazel, plus essential oils such as Damask rose and myrrh, lend the breasts beauty, elasticity and deep-reaching moisturisation.

48,00  Iva incluído

A firming body oil that helps prevent and treat lack of tissue tension, by firming and restoring your natural tone and tautness.

The inspiration for making this oil came from Aradia, Goddess of Power, with her ability to transmit her strength to all around her. The combination of essential oils having major firming power on a base of first cold-pressed sesame oil makes this preparation the perfect blend for restoring a youthful structure to your tissue.