Circulatory and draining

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Apsara body oil is indicated for improving circulatory disorders, and relaxing and relieving the pain of tired legs. It helps eliminate pressure, boosts drainage, and brings a sensation of lightness and wellbeing.

In making up this preparation, we looked to Apsara, the supple, light limbed Dancing Goddess, for inspiration. We put together a combination of essential oils renowned for their circulatory properties, on a base of jojoba and sesame oil, which boosts cutaneous absorption and brings a unique glow to the skin.

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An energising body oil indicated for activating circulation and stimulating the tissue, prepared on a vegetable base of first cold-pressed sesame oil with a stimulating blend of essential oils.

Nila, Goddess of flowing water, inspired us to name this preparation after her. This body oil has invigorating and stimulating properties in that it helps and activates blood circulation. In addition, it has calming, anti-inflammatory properties and can thus help combat muscle pains.