Facial Cosmetics

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Facial Cleanser

Regenerating, hydrating and revitalising
29,00  Iva incluído

Renaissance BioActive facial cleanser, for all types of skin, without surface-active or -wetting agents (surfactants), removes make-up and gives in-depth cleansing. Chia seed oil helps to soothe the skin and provide exceptional moisturisation, resulting in a skin that is clean, fresh and glowing.



Epigenetic, soothing, regenerating and revitalising
28,00  Iva incluído

Renaissance BioActive Mask, for all types of skin, is very soothing and helps ease reddening of the skin, restoring balance and firming. Enhances skin-rejuvenation treatments.


Facial Toner

Epigenetic, stabilising and regenerating
38,00  Iva incluído

BioActive Renaissance Toner does away with impurities and worn, tired tissue. It acts as a sebum-regulating agent, giving the skin an even tone and appearance. Moisturises and prevents lines and wrinkles, achieving a renewed, vital complexion.

Day Cream

Epigenetic, hydrating and revitalising.
47,00  Iva incluído

Renaissance BioActive Day Cream, for all types of skin, with natural biotechnological ingredients prevents premature ageing. It reduces the size and depth of wrinkles by providing elasticity and a notable firming effect.


Night Cream

Epigenetic, renewing and detoxing.
54,00  Iva incluído

Renaissance BioActive Night Cream, for all types of skin, cleanses and clarifies. The probiotic ingredients help repair, soothe and enhance the condition of the skin in a way that is entirely natural. Repairs and regenerates tissue to mitigate the effects of ageing.