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72,00  Iva incluído

Female body oil with a subtle and seductive aroma, and aphrodisiac and stimulant properties.

The blend of a sesame and jasmine base oil, always useful for boosting femininity, encourages and heightens a woman’s appetite for reassuring, loving and sensual intimacy.

75,00  Iva incluído

Exquisitely scented body oil with aphrodisiac and stimulant properties. It boosts sexual desire and potency in lovemaking, thanks to its blend of essential oils with their stimulating and invigorating properties.

To make up this oil, we drew our inspiration from Red Tara, Goddess of Attraction, associated with the magnetism of all things that are good.

The combination of an exceptional vegetable base of jojoba and mysterious essential oils make this preparation a unique and exotic blend. So be bold and give it a try!