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To achieve a beautiful, healthy skin, the very first step is to carry out in-depth cleansing with a 100% natural cosmetic.

Cleansing, cleansing, cleansing. It is absolutely fundamental to have a cleansing routine, not only to remove your make-up and any pollutants, but to get rid of the excess dead skin cells and sebum that remain on the surface and block the pores. The ideal thing is to do this twice as day −in the morning and again at night before going to bed− using a natural cleanser containing no tensioactive materials. And also using a facial toner that regulates your skin pH and sebaceous glands, and seals the pores.

Your skin will be healthy, balanced and luminous.

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All our cosmetics are 100% natural, healthy, environmentally-friendly sustainable, and both cruelty- and toxin-free. For all types of skin, and especially for sensitive and/or reactive skins.

At Izba Nature, we are specialised in the treatment of all types of skin, particularly the most sensitive. We make up our facial cosmetics with Izba Activated Water©, restructuring the water molecule so that it acquires the form in which it is found in nature. This endows our active ingredients with enhanced conductivity, and makes for creams that are lighter and without the merest hint of oiliness.

Our beauty ritual should be guided by two major priorities, namely, protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and ensuring constant hydration. If you still haven’t established a facial routine, now is the time to do so. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or a combination of the two, it’s essential to establish a cleansing routine, morning and night. In the morning, we remove everything that the skin has excreted during the night, because it is then that our cellular mitochondria perform their cleaning function. We also remove any dead skin cells, thereby imbuing our skin with an inner glow and ensuring that it can absorb whatever it is we’re going to apply in the morning. We cleanse our skin again at night to remove all traces of make-up, pollutants, perspiration, etc.

There aren’t that many types of skin …only skins that are balanced or unbalanced. Remember that the most important thing is to regulate your skin’s pH. If your pH is regulated, your skin will be healthy, balanced and, by extension, beautiful. To ensure this, it’s fundamental to use a tonic that regulates our pH levels, morning and night.

The Cleansing Pack contains:

Renaissance BioActive Facial Cleanser, containing 100% natural ingredients, for all types of skin, even the most sensitive, removes make-up, and provides in-depth cleansing of the face and eyes.

It contains no tensioactive materials that might clog the pores.


First cold-pressed extra virgin Chia seed oil soothes the skin, helps reduce inflammation, and imparts excellent hydration. Aloe brings you antibacterial, antiseptic and regenerating properties (combats acne).

Renaissance BioActive Facial Toner, with ingredients -both biotechnological and epigenetic- which are 100% natural, does away with impurities and tired, worn tissue. It acts as a sebum-regulating agent, shrinking pores and imparting an overall even tone and appearance to the skin. Using this tonic to moisturise and guard against those fine lines and wrinkles will be rewarded by a renewed, vital complexion.

The combination of citric and tartaric acid serves to balance skin pH and delivers an antioxidant effect, neutralising the harmful effects of free radicals. It promotes skin-tissue regeneration by eliminating excess keratinocytes and helping to fade blemishes, dark spots and acne scars.

Hyaluronic acid provides hydration and enhances the properties of the natural skin barrier, rendering it more flexible and reducing the number and depth of expression lines and wrinkles. The blend of fermented marine extracts and algae acts as a sebum-regulating agent, minimising pores while enhancing the skin’s elasticity in order to avert the presence of wrinkles.

The synergy of Damask Rose petal, geranium and elemi essential oils boosts the effect of this facial tonic, as they team up to cleanse, regenerate, brighten and reduce expression lines and wrinkles by fostering collagen synthesis, while at the same time radiating a fragrant aroma that accentuates the overall sensation of freshness and wellbeing.

Renaissance BioActive Mask: epigenetic, soothing, regenerating and revitalising, this is for all types of skin.

Remarkably soothing, it helps reduce scarring, ease reddening of the skin, restore balance, and promote toning and firming. In addition, it enhances and boosts cutaneous ageing treatments. Its principal component, Dragon Blood (Croton lechleri), is a natural moisturising agent with capacity to regenerate skin collagen: coupled with its notable scar-healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-pollution and anti-ageing powers, is the fact that it enhances skin immunity and, by extension, strengthens the cutaneous barrier and displays evidence of epigenetic activity. Tara (Casaelpinia spinosa) pod extract protects the skin against external factors that can alter it and cause premature ageing. This ingredient is rich in powerful bioactive and chemoprotective components (flavonoids, polyphenols and tannins) with excellent anti-wrinkle, firming, anti-pollution and anti-oxidant properties.

In addition to its exquisite aroma, this exclusive blend of essential oils of myrrh, bergamot, lemon and lavender has an excellent protective, anti-oxidant and regenerating effect.

After using our Renaissance BioActive Mask, your skin will feel healthy, balanced, rejuvenated …and glowingly fresh!

How to use

Apply the cleanser by gently massaging it around your face and eyes. Remove it with water, and then apply the tonic by wiping it onto your face with a cotton pad. These two processes should be performed morning and night.
Make sure your skin is clean, apply the mask to your face, neck and décolletage and leave it there for 10/15 minutes. Then remove with water. The first week, we recommend using it every night and sleeping with it on. Simply wash it off with water the next morning. Thereafter use it once a week.