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These are 100% natural, healthy, environmentally-friendly and sustainable cosmetics. Without the addition of any artificial or harmful ingredients that might in any way damage your skin. Cruelty-free.

This pack prevents premature ageing, reduces the size and depth of wrinkles, protects from harmful blue light, and has a regenerating, detoxifying, restorative and firming effect.

For all types of skin, and especially for sensitive and/or reactive skins. These are light, fast-absorbing creams.

Your skin will be more luminous, firmer, more elastic, younger, healthier and more vital.

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All our cosmetics are 100% natural, healthy, environmentally-friendly sustainable, and both cruelty- and toxin-free. For all types of skin, and especially for sensitive and/or reactive skins.

At Izba Nature, we are specialised in the treatment of all types of skin, particularly the most sensitive. We make up our facial cosmetics with Izba Activated Water®, restructuring the water molecule so that it acquires the form in which it is found in nature. This endows our active ingredients with enhanced conductivity, and makes for creams that are lighter and without the merest hint of oiliness.

The Renewal Pack contains:

Renaissance BioActive Day Cream, is made with 100% natural ingredients, and due to being epigenetic and containing biotechnological active ingredients, prevents premature ageing. It reduces the size and depth of wrinkles by providing elasticity and a notable firming effect. It affords protection from attack by free radicals caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation, and promotes skin regeneration.

How our natural treatment for sensitive skin works.

  • Renaissance BioActive Day Cream boasts a great quantity of active ingredients, incorporated in a highly concentrated form to make it a revitalising, hydrating and genuinely effective natural cream.
  • Thanks to the addition of purified glycogen, this cream fortifies your skin-barrier function and prevents damage to cellular DNA caused by electromagnetic waves (blue light) emitted by mobile phones, computer screens and other electronic devices, thus reducing oxidation and possible skin discolouration or darkening caused by such radiation.
  • The cream incorporates a set of peptides with enhanced epigenetic performance, which are capable of reprogramming the skin to reverse the effects of ageing, and which, together with the combination of biotechnological polysaccharides, serve to combat age-related decline effectively and prevent tired and debilitated skins, acting as a protective shield against all kinds of external aggression.
  • Renaissance BioActive Day Cream diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, thanks to the addition of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which is capable of hydrating the skin in depth and promoting epithelial renewal, and high-bioavailable organic silicon which reinforces skin structure and confers high elasticity and firmness.
  • Damask Rose essential oil boosts this cream’s revitalising and anti-ageing properties and lends it an exquisite aroma.
  • Aside from promoting epithelial restructuring and hydration, the addition of IZBA Activated Water® makes for a soothing, caressing cream that has a very pleasant feel when applied.
  • Renaissance BioActive Day Cream, moisturises, protects and revitalises the skin, endowing it with a more thoroughly hydrated and visibly more youthful, luminous, relaxed and vital appearance.

Renaissance BioActive Night Cream, is a natural epigenetic, anti-pollution, detoxifying and restorative nocturnal treatment for sensitive skin. During the night, the skin cleanses itself and regenerates, making it the ideal time to apply a treatment that works to eliminate these harmful agents which have been attacking us during the day, and repair and reinforce the skin’s original functions.

The effectiveness of our natural treatment for sensitive skin

  • To furnish a solution to a problem that affects us all, Renaissance BioActive Night Cream was developed by using 100% natural ingredients in tandem with our own unique ingredient, Izba Activated Water® . This is a purpose-designed formula, designed to mitigate and reverse the effects of ageing caused by pollution and the exposome, the term given to the cumulative sum of environmental influences and our body’s biological response, as dictated by our individual lifestyles and circumstances.
  • With the aid of this unique and novel nocturnal treatment, we can now successfully cleanse and detoxify our cells, repair and reverse the ageing process, and protect the lipid barrier by repelling attacks from pollutants.
  • To ensure that this product would be so very special, we opted for advanced biotechnological processes applied to the most effective ingredients which nature has to offer to combat pollution, combined with IZBA Activated Water®, a unique ingredient that promotes epithelial restructuring and the bioavailability of the remaining components in the formula.
  • Renaissance BioActive Night Cream includes ingredients such as peony extract, which promotes mitochondrial cleaning, affords protection from blue light, and prevents the effect of reactive oxygen species that give rise to free radicals. The probiotic ingredients incorporated serve to enhance the skin’s regenerative capacity, and protect, repair and regenerate the natural skin barrier. Dragon Blood (Croton lechleri), which is epigenetically active, is a natural moisturiser with an anti-ageing effect, promotes skin regeneration, and reduces inflammatory effects by virtue of detoxifying, cleansing and enhancing cellular immunity. Indeed, the exclusive combination of vegetable polysaccharides reverses ageing effects. The combination of omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids has a considerable antioxidant effect, reduces water loss, nourishes and rebalances the acid or hydrolipidic mantle.
  • Apart from being an excellent cell regenerator, neroli (orange blossom) essential oil has an exquisite aroma, relieves nervous tension, and aids relaxation.

Renaissance BioActive Night Cream cleanses, repairs, restores and protects from the inside so as to bring about an improvement that is visible from the outside, with your skin becoming more radiant, more elastic, firmer, younger, healthier and more vital.

How to use

Day cream: Make sure your skin is clean, and apply it in the morning by gently massaging it into your face, neck and décolletage.
Night cream: Make sure your skin is clean, and apply it at night by gently massaging it into your face, neck and décolletage.