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Discover the pleasure of shaving with Ares. Your skin will never feel the same again … you’ll find it smooth and irritation-free. Ares is ideal for moistening and shaping your beard.

Ares for shaving without the need for lather or aftershave. Its nourishing, soothing and regenerative properties mean that it can be used on all types of skin, even the most sensitive. After shaving, it leaves the skin smooth and irritation-free.


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Renaissance BioActive facial cleanser, for all types of skin, without surface-active or -wetting agents (surfactants), removes make-up and gives in-depth cleansing. Chia seed oil helps to soothe the skin and provide exceptional moisturisation, resulting in a skin that is clean, fresh and glowing.


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Renaissance BioActive Mask, for all types of skin, is very soothing and helps ease reddening of the skin, restoring balance and firming. Enhances skin-rejuvenation treatments.


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Body oil formula ideally suited for application on localised adipose tissue. Delivers a quick, effective, localised slimming effect and exerts a decongesting, detoxing and revitalising action on conjunctive tissue.

Our source of inspiration for creating this body oil was Green Tara, the female Buddha who, with her distinctive green colour, embodies activity and success in overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving our goals.

Combining essential oils with seaweed extracts and a sesame base oil makes for a slimming, anti-cellulite, draining and firming effect.

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A body oil preparation that reduces the visible signs of cellulitis associated with fluid retention, and speeds up the disappearance of fat.

To create this body oil, we drew our inspiration from the slender water nymph, Naida. The blend of ivy and other essential oils, purpose-chosen to purify and detoxify the body, endows this preparation with an anticellulite and draining effect.

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Nereida body oil is a powerful preparation that helps sculpt and contour your figure, reducing body volume and acting on localised adiposity and fluid retention.

In preparing this oil, we were inspired by the Nereids, sea nymphs of the Mediterranean, with their beautifully proportioned, seductive bodies.

Blending a vegetable base of first cold-pressed sesame and milk thistle oils with vegetable extracts and essential oils used for slimming, draining and firming purposes, yielded an oil with purgative and diuretic properties. Its use boosts elimination of body fat and toxins in a way that is entirely natural.

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A body oil preparation that lifts, plumps and firms the breasts. It prevents and treats lack of tension due to weight loss, pregnancy, excessive sun exposure, lack of exercise, and the effects wrought by the passage of time.

It was Andere, Mother Goddess, who served as our inspiration when it came to making up this preparation. The blend of rosehip base oil, one of nature’s finest active skin-firming and -regenerating ingredients, and extracts of hops, sage (salvia) and Witch-hazel, plus essential oils such as Damask rose and myrrh, lend the breasts beauty, elasticity and deep-reaching moisturisation.

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A firming body oil that helps prevent and treat lack of tissue tension, by firming and restoring your natural tone and tautness.

The inspiration for making this oil came from Aradia, Goddess of Power, with her ability to transmit her strength to all around her. The combination of essential oils having major firming power on a base of first cold-pressed sesame oil makes this preparation the perfect blend for restoring a youthful structure to your tissue.

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An effective body oil for local relief of pain. Helps eliminate the toxins involved in rheumatic complaints. Its use is recommended for muscle and joint pains, stiff neck, lumbago and neuropathic pain.

In creating this oil, we were inspired by White Tara, Goddess of Healing. The blend of different essential oils and extracts of plants with a tried and tested anti-rheumatic action, on a base of first cold-pressed sesame oil, activates energy in the area, helping blood circulation and soothing away pain.

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An energising body oil indicated for activating circulation and stimulating the tissue, prepared on a vegetable base of first cold-pressed sesame oil with a stimulating blend of essential oils.

Nila, Goddess of flowing water, inspired us to name this preparation after her. This body oil has invigorating and stimulating properties in that it helps and activates blood circulation. In addition, it has calming, anti-inflammatory properties and can thus help combat muscle pains.

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A lavender body oil made with a vegetable base of first cold-pressed rosehip and sesame oils, both virgin, and lavender essential oil.

Ainé, Goddess of Lavender, inspired us to name to this preparation after her. It has regenerative, scar-healing and antiseptic properties for the skin, brings balance to the nervous system, and reduces stress and tension.

Its use is indicated in pregnancy, since it lends elasticity to the skin by naturally increasing its flexibility.

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An oil preparation that will suffuse your body with a sensation of wellbeing, in that it reduces the effects of stress. It has a soothing, relaxing, tranquilising effect, and by using it you will succeed in relieving nervous tension.

Elissa, Mediterranean Goddess of Healing was our inspiration for creating this body oil, which transmits calm and harmony, thanks to its mixture of neuro-sedative essential oils, and orange blossom in particular, on a vegetable base of first cold-pressed sesame oil.


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Nut body oil restores the smoothness and radiance of youth to the skin. It provides the epidermis with in-depth regeneration and nourishment, and prevents loss of skin density by maintaining the necessary degree of moisturisation and nourishment that slows the cutaneous ageing process.

The inspiration for making up this oil came from the Goddess Nut, silky skinned Queen of the Night. The product contains woods and resins of incense and myrrh, together with other essential oils which lend energy to the skin, and add a profound and exotic touch.

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BioActive Renaissance Toner does away with impurities and worn, tired tissue. It acts as a sebum-regulating agent, giving the skin an even tone and appearance. Moisturises and prevents lines and wrinkles, achieving a renewed, vital complexion.

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Myrrh body oil helps keep the skin youthful, firm and taut, delaying the effects of cutaneous ageing. It boosts tissue regeneration, even in those cases where the skin has become dry and cracked.

Our inspiration for making up this oil came from Myrrh, the silky skinned Goddess of Beauty. The combination of just the right amounts of myrrh and Damask rose essential oil provides the skin with deep-reaching moisturisation and nutrition, as well as an aroma that is as singular as it is extraordinary.

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Female body oil with a subtle and seductive aroma, and aphrodisiac and stimulant properties.

The blend of a sesame and jasmine base oil, always useful for boosting femininity, encourages and heightens a woman’s appetite for reassuring, loving and sensual intimacy.

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Exquisitely scented body oil with aphrodisiac and stimulant properties. It boosts sexual desire and potency in lovemaking, thanks to its blend of essential oils with their stimulating and invigorating properties.

To make up this oil, we drew our inspiration from Red Tara, Goddess of Attraction, associated with the magnetism of all things that are good.

The combination of an exceptional vegetable base of jojoba and mysterious essential oils make this preparation a unique and exotic blend. So be bold and give it a try!

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Renaissance BioActive Day Cream, for all types of skin, with natural biotechnological ingredients prevents premature ageing. It reduces the size and depth of wrinkles by providing elasticity and a notable firming effect.


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Renaissance BioActive Night Cream, for all types of skin, cleanses and clarifies. The probiotic ingredients help repair, soothe and enhance the condition of the skin in a way that is entirely natural. Repairs and regenerates tissue to mitigate the effects of ageing.


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This body oil is obtained through maceration, by the light of the sun and moon, of the flowers of St. John’s wort in first cold-pressed, biological extra virgin olive oil.

The inspiration for naming this preparation after Nabila, Goddess of Wellbeing came from the analgesic, scar-healing, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiherpetic and anti-inflammatory properties that have led to it being recommended for burns, cuts and sores, knocks and blows, wounds, insect bites and stings, and other skin problems and disorders.

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Apsara body oil is indicated for improving circulatory disorders, and relaxing and relieving the pain of tired legs. It helps eliminate pressure, boosts drainage, and brings a sensation of lightness and wellbeing.

In making up this preparation, we looked to Apsara, the supple, light limbed Dancing Goddess, for inspiration. We put together a combination of essential oils renowned for their circulatory properties, on a base of jojoba and sesame oil, which boosts cutaneous absorption and brings a unique glow to the skin.

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